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Online Games

You'll need to download the Vitalize plug-in to play these online games.


Blockish Mini

A quick Breakout clone with many special blocks

*  Catch orange blocks for bonus points

*  Avoid the green blocks when they fall

*  Attack mad caterpillars and juggle their body segments

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Mr. Bartos RPG Battle Demo

Fight Afroman as everyone's favorite history teacher.

*  This is one battle from a game that I never finished

*  Use Bartos' trademark techniques such as "Mmm... Bacon"

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Blast the Cancer

Shoot the cells' nuclei in order to save the patient!

*  Kill the cells!  Accuracy matters, so aim for the nucleus!

*  Don't kill the white cells or your patient will lose health!

*  Use your shield with the Shift button, but don't waste it!

*  Learn facts about Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome between levels.

*  Created for a project in Biology class.

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Completed Games

Pirate Bear Screen Saver

Not exactly a game, but I didn't want to create a whole new page and/or section for my site.  Watch as pirate hats drop from the sky, transforming everyday bears into Pirate Bears! Pirate Bears Screensaver
(.exe) 350 kb


Micro Games

Three games that I created for Jonathon Smeby's Jonny Comics Inc: Mind Menace.  This was supposed to be released last winter, but it hasn't, so I decided to go ahead and put my games online.  These games are likely still going to be in Mind Menace when it is released, but their difficulty and other aspects may be touched up a bit. Micro Games (.exe) 551 kb


Halima's Crazy Pogo Bounce

Bounce through 6 levels to rescue Pikachu!

*  Bounce on a pogo stick!

*  Encounter devious enemies such as Softballs and Glass Containers of Jelly!

*  Wear an awesome cape to gain the ability to double jump!

*  Created for Halima Khan as a special gift to celebrate the next stage of her life at Boston College

Halima's Crazy Pogo Bounce (zipped) 1.16 MB

Reviews/Comments: The Daily Click    Click Island



Baile Baile Payasito

A game similar to Dance Dance Revolution starring everyone's favorite clown!

*  Based on the short story "Don Payasito" by Ana Maria Matute

*  Six songs of varying difficulties

*  Hilarious graphics and animation

Note: Before playing, you must select the correct clothes and accessories for Don Payasito to wear.  The correct clothing items are the blue pointed hat, the red cape with stars, the white face paint, and the bells and cane in his hands.

Baile Baile Payasito (zipped) 410kb

Reviews/Comments: The Daily Click


Pájaro Racing

A fun racing game.

*  Choose from 5 different colored pájaros, each with different statistics!

*  Choose from 7 hats available from the beginning and 7 secret hats to accessorize your pájaro and boost its abilities!

*  Save up to 4 different pájaros and manage them in the hatchery and stables!

*  3 race courses, 3 "battle" modes, and 2 secret levels to be unlocked!

*  Challenge Afroman, Mr. Peanut, Mr. Bartos, Justo Lamas, and a secret opponent!

*  High score list!

*  Many secrets to discover!

*  Runs best on a computer running in 800x600 mode with greater than 256 colors.

Pájaro Racing (zipped) 1.88 MB

Reviews/Comments: The Daily Click

Daily Click's Game of the Week #22


Matillas Alpha

A shooter ported from Klik 'n' Play

"In each area, there are five rounds. Each round adds an extra spaceship you must destroy. When you get to round five, you must face the huge boss guy. To destroy
the ships, simply shoot them with your hyper mega laser beams. When a normal ship is low on power, it will begin to smoke. This means that one more shot will destroy it."

Matillas Alpha (zipped) 802kb

Reviews/Comments: The Daily Click


Sushi Chunker

Catch the sushi to save your midget friends.

*  Play as Afroman!

*  Avoid the green evil fish!

*  If the midgets get hit, use the switch quickly or they'll drown!

*  Hit the flying fish for extra points!

Sushi Chunker (zipped) 492 kb

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Under Development

Magic Quest 2

The sequel to Magic Quest.

*  Discover the evil behind Mr. Peanut's evil doings in the land and destroy him.

*  Great graphics!

*  Learn up to six different spells: Fireball, Spinning Shield, Recover, Lightning Bolt, and more!  (Note: not all spells available to use in this version.)

Magic Quest 2 (zipped) 1.21 MB
Demo Version

Reviews/Comments: The Daily Click

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Unfinished Junk

Magic Quest

An adventure game created in from Klik 'n' Play

*  My first game using Klik 'n' Play

*  Travel through various locations to find your evil brother's magic crystal ball.  (Or something like that; the version with an actual story was lost in a hard drive crash.)

*  Use two different weapons: Magic sparks with Ctrl, and Fireball with Shift (once you obtain a special wand).

Magic Quest (zipped) 802kb


The Guy with the Gun's Escape

A platformer originally started in Klik 'n' Play.

*  Escape from the evil aliens' prison complex with help from your handgun!

*  Great graphics!

*  Ride a futuristic jet powered air board!

The Guy with the Gun's Escape  (zipped) 689 kb



A game similar to Break Out.

*  Hit the blocks with your ball, then catch them or they will reappear!

*  Great graphics!

*  Features special blocks like Poison Blocks, Climbing Blocks, Caterpillars, Spaceship Blocks, and Ramps.

Blockish (zipped) 714 kb

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Other Games

Cheese for the TI-83 Plus

You are a cheese dealer.  Try to become the new Cheesemaster while fending off Afromen and dealing cheese in various locales.

Cheese for the TI-83 Plus (zipped) 4.29kb

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